Multi-level’Sails’ go beyond even our normal ‘Sails’ for multiple layers of imaginative sun protection. They still feature stainless steel connections and hardware for long life, but additionally include a powder-coated steel framework to support an intricate arrangement of multiple layers of fabric to visually stun as well as provide cooling shade. Our Sail systems are […]

Sails: of high-density polyethylene netting cloth.Sails: of PVC & PVDF tarpaulin covers.Sails: of different shapes (three-and four ribs) and other polygonal. The manufacture of sails is essential and main of our products, and it’s within our interesting, because of the beautifully shape in the shade coverings. We are in Shades Systems (Not the only manufacturer […]


Baqar shades is experienced in designing, engineering, and manufacturing a variety of vehicle protection solutions for high volume parking applications at airports, car dealerships, or car washes. Our fabric canopies are perfect for protecting parked vehicles from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays as well as hail damage. Parked vehicles stay cool, and hail bounces off […]