The tensile tents and sunshades, which manufactured from the textile-coated fabrics is one of the modern and universal products.

When you are visiting any modern country and strolling in the shopping centers and, parks, or leisure centers zoos, you will see these beautiful and visually dramatic tents and sails. 


Therefore, our priorities advertency was to manufacturing this kind of tents making the best and finest tents of a beautiful forms and sceneries using the high quality of universal fabrics and materials. 

We use the best products of universal companies of the fabrics as PVC and PVDF and Teflon materials. 

These fabrics are heavy-duty fabrics for long life against the nature’s factors protecting from the detrimental ultra violet rays, and resisting the flame.


This kind of tents and the steel structures designed by professional engineers, using special accessories and parts to get the best beautiful forms and sceneries.


We use some times the stainless steel accessories and fixing parts.

The steel structure painted by powder coating, or we make galvanizing for the steel structure, or painted by high quality of paints, which it is against the rust and nature’s factors.

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The colors are suitable to the cover color.