Swimming pools shades: of high-density polyethylene netting cloth.
Swimming pools shades: of PVC & PVDF tarpaulin covers.
Swimming pools shades: of louvers & slides of wooden plastic.


The swimming pools shades is basic product in our company and our top priority.

If you need any swimming shade  anywhere in the Saudi Arabia in Dammam , call now:0580320619



We are in Shades Systems (Not the only manufacturer of this product, but we are the better) so we put this product under the auspices of a permanent development and innovation in order to offer the best possible specifications for the swimming pools sheds.


We have various kinds different sizes of swimming pools shades, whether in homes and Villas and Residential complexes or Hotels.


We have swimming pools shades with different shapes and distinctive designs, we have taken the consumers gusto into our consider and as well as the shade site for the sun movement, in addition we give him free advices and we offer him the appropriate design of his shade according to their location.


We are in (Shades systems) Harmonious and integrated team, in order to produce integrated product specifications, technical aspects of aesthetic and economic.


Our prices are always modest and compatible with the specifications that we provide, and is suitable for all customer segments.

We have a wide range of designs and shapes beautiful swimming pools sheds of all sizes, and commensurate with the needs of all customers.